Our Wedding

One of my favorite days of my whole life. It was a whirlwind for sure, but I was so calm and sure about everything, that it was just perfect. Kyler had been gone for six weeks prior and had only returned four days before the big day, so I felt like I hadn't seen him in forever...him being gone those six weeks before the wedding was crazy but it made our special day that much more special.

My sister helping me get all strapped in.

My bridesmaids. Claire, my roommate in college. Emily, Kyler's sister. And Kelli, my sister.

Our rings, setting on my Grandma's Bible, which I carried down the aisle as my something old.

My handsome little ringbearer, nephew Karter. He did a fabulous job and loved his shiny shoes.

It's official. We're The Grays! (Whew, it was a tad bit sunny out there).

Family photos in the church. Kyler and I grew up together so our families were already like family. And we got married in our childhood church. It was so special.

The bridal party.

Signing those papers.

We loved this church while we were there, and what a way to send us off into married life!

On our way to the reception!

This might be my favorite photo of the whole day. It was after all the way waiting for the ceremony to start and after all the pictures in the church. We were finally really starting to enjoy ourselves.

I'd always wanted an outdoor wedding, but once it became time to commit, I was afraid of rain. So instead we had the wedding at our church and stopped by the barn for some colorful photos of the group.

My aunt is a cake decorator, so we designed this cake ourselves one night. It turned out so beautiful.

Once it came time to cut the beautiful cake though, we were a little stumped. This was the one thing we didn't get to practice before the big day.

After the food and cake had been served, it was time to part like it was 1999. Lots of dancing at the reception.

What a perfect end to a perfect day!

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