Friday, April 29, 2011

Celebrating the Royal Wedding

I had been semi-following the Royal Wedding ever since the engagement photos showed up on People magazine. Actually, People was my main source of info on the big day since I don't really watch tv...and since I don't subscribe to People, I only got updates when I went to Kyler's parents' house.

But Monday I was at a celebration dinner for an organization I've been involved with, and as I was sitting at a table with six girls, our conversation turned to the wedding. Most of us said we'd make sure we checked up on the big day and that we may have watched a documentary or two on the couple, but by the end of the dinner there were plans to have a Royal Wedding Sleepover at our place. It was kind of a celebration for the wedding, the last week of school, and graduation. We devised a plan and laid out who was bringing what, and we waited in anticipation of the big day.

So the celebration began last night (and no one had a camera!)

Festivities for the evening:
  • Wine and champagne (so classy)
  • Music: Name that Royal Reference
    • There ended up being some interesting choices as the night wore on. After we hit all the typical songs, we had to stretch it a little. For example: Lady Gaga's Born This Way has the line "Don't be a drag, just be a QUEEN". Also, PRINCE's Purple Rain, and Sara Barelles' KING of Anything.
  • The NFL Draft (for the guys)
  • E! News' countdown to the wedding
  • Taboo (non-wedding related but very fun)
  • Crown making, involving pipe cleaners and scrapbooking supplies
Well after all these festivities, the guys left and we still had time until the wedding. Some people conked out and some of us just sat around talking. Eventually we went to bed at 2AM and set our alarms for just two hours later. It was a nice nap.

My alarm went off way too early, but I got up, and only one of the other girls joined me. We oohed and ahhed over all the fancy dresses  and horrible hats, and we were giddy as the royal family arrived. We made comments like "Oh, Prince William looks nervous" and "Oh, Kate's mom just looks so proud". Like we could actually tell the difference in their expressions!

Source: Google image
 We saw the gorgeous gown, the gorgeous Princes, the adorable choir boys, and the most eligible singleton Pippa Middleton. We just made over the entire ceremony and festivities like we were there and were close friends of the family. Over the course of the morning, all the girls woke up and we admired the royal kiss(es).

Regardless of al lthe hoopla and people making fun of us for waking up at 4 am, it was special to see the two get married. They seem so approachable, it's hard to believe they're royal. I'm glad I had a chance to watch such a historic event, and I'll always remember the year in which they wed because it's the same as us!

And of course, we made plenty of references to our wedding just 5 weeks away. Now we know how to efficiently seat 2000 guests and where to place our cameras to capture every single move during the ceremony. I had to ward off questions like if I was wearing sleeves, lace, a tiara, a 25 foot long train. It was all very fun, but by 9 am, we were pooped. Some of the girls had to leave and do responsible things like give a campus tour or a volunteer event. One girl rolled over on the couch and I went back to my bed, and we woke up again an hour later to head to the gym. And that concluded our celebrations of the Royal Wedding!


  1. Your favorite soon-to-be MILApril 30, 2011 at 6:14 AM

    What a fun idea! And one day when William and Kate's little prince gets married, you'll be like me and remember the party you had for the royal wedding!!! My bet is that you and Kyler will be a whole lot happier in the end... And you're going to look like a princess June 4!!! Love you!

  2. Hope you didn't get too many ideas...

  3. SO glad I could be the girl on the couch who rolled over and went to the gym! Thanks for giving me the play by play of the wedding in the morning!