Thursday, July 14, 2011

Full-Time Employment

As of June 20th, I became a full-time employee! After the whirlwind of graduating, getting married, honeymooning, and setting up house in a new state, I began my first job at Hill-Rom. And no, this is not the casket company. Hill-Rom manufactures and sells mostly hospital beds.

On my first day, this lavender rose and a cute little sign welcomed me to the Finance staff and to my cube. During the first week of work, I spent a lot of time on the phone with IT trying to set up and gain access to all the databases I'll need. I also spent a lot of time talking to HR because no one (including myself) knows who I am. Because I just got married, they set up my email address with my new married name. But for paychecks and benefits, I had to use my maiden name (because I still ain't got it changed). Needless to say, everyone was confused!

The second week, I did a lot of watching and replicating. I am taking over the responsibilities of last year's new hire. I would watch her run reports, take pretty-darn detailed notes, and then go back to my computer to try to end with the same numbers as she did.

The third week, I went through a lot of meetings with marketing people of the products that I work with. So these meetings were a lot of fun because I actually got to see the products in action and even try a couple out.

And this week, I'm finally starting to get into a routine...well at least Monday was routine-ish. I'm definitely on a steep learning curve, but it's all brand new and exciting (and best of all -- not school. Sorry Kyler).


  1. Hill-Rom is lucky to have you! I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job for them. How about a photo of the place you work?

  2. Ah...the joys of the real world. I'm glad everything is going well for both of you. I'm sure you're a great asset to your company :-)