Monday, August 15, 2011

I don't get it...

A couple of weeks before my birthday, Kyler took me shopping for my birthday present: a new dining room table! Eek! I am so excited for it to get here. But on my real birthday, he gave me this little card...

Isn't that sweet.

I don't understand.

I only have one pair of black flip flops that I wear everywhere!

I mean, I also have this pair that I got in Minnesota when my only pair of shoes  I took on vacation ``broke midstride.

I wear them when I want to look sporty :)

And I only have one pair of black flats.

These were my first flats ever, and I'm pretty sure they covered every inch of the IU campus.

And then I have these. They are not flats but more like real shoes. Thicker sole, more covering. You can't wear these with skinny jeans like the flats. Unless you do, then that's fine.

I love my TOMS, and I needed them because my flats' soles were about a thick as a piece of cardstock.

And then I have these dress shoes that I wear to work every other day.

Don't they just say "work shoes" to you?

But I also have these dress shoes. They're more of a dressy dress shoe. Not one that I wear to work but out on dates...if I ever went on dates.

I got them for Kyle and Jamie's wedding. Surely I've worn them other times too...

Oh yeah, and I just bought these dressy black shoes. They're more like daytime date shoes, unlike the above nighttime date shoes. Amen?

The week before my wedding, I still hadn't decided on shoes. We went to many shoes stores that week, and I always seemed to come out with shoes but none for the wedding. This pair was one of those pairs. And Kate Middleton wears espadrilles so I thought I needed a pair too.

And finally, I have this pair of black boots. Hmm...I was just looking at black boots online today. But not cozy black boots. I was looking at dressy black boots. You know...they're not the same.

My first/only pair of UGGS. So warm and cozy and reminding me of winter. Bleh. That's enough about them.

No. Still don't get it. He must've of got it because it says "honey" on front. You know, because when you get married, that's what you start calling each other.

Yeah...that must be it.

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  1. You're too cute, Kara! That must be why Kyler loves you so much!!! And us too!