Friday, September 23, 2011

Dividend Day!

Last Saturday, Kyler and I headed to Kings Island to enjoy a private event put on by P&G, Dividend Day. The whole park was rented out by the company for its employees' and retirees' families to enjoy. And enjoy it, we did. [Sorry the photos aren't the best, they're Droid pics]

All over the park were huge blow ups  or P&G stations. Here is Kyler, sitting on his throne. He often complains that our toilet is not big enough (not sure what that means/don't want to ask), but I think this one would stop his complaining.

I was mimicking Mr. Clean, who was unfortunately positioned right over the sewage tank. Hence, the cross arm and sour face. Not my best photo ever.

We definitely got spoiled that day. We had ridden four roller coasters within our first half hour! There were no lines. And the only ride we had to wait in line was for the dang swings. I hated them. Kyler and I thought we'd probably leave around 6pm. But around 3pm, we'd ridden everything, some multiple times, and we were ready to leave.

This picture below is why we didn't take in the big camera. I'd rather the phone be the casualty.

If you know me, you know that spinning movements don't treat my stomach well. I can ride rollercoasters all day, but spin me in circles or drive me down a winding road, and I get car sick. Kyler thought we should try the new swings ride. Bad idea. We spun around so quickly that I knew before the ride stopped that I was in trouble. So I opted out of the last couple of rides and took these pictures of Kyler.

I am  so glad I could take these  photos before he was aware of it.  I definitely got the "holy cow I can't believe I just did that" look, even though you can't see it well in the pictures.

Before we even entered the park, though, we turned in our voucher to pick up our bag of P&G loot. I guess my post last week was a bit premature since we now possess even more product. Look what we picked up!

All in all, we had a great day together. We enjoyed a day of beautiful weather, an uncrowded theme park, and being with each other! Awww.


  1. Looks like a fun day!

    Nice display of product on your new table!!

  2. The P&G perks just keep coming... Hey, we're now using the Bounce bar!

  3. I like how you got duracell batteries too, random!