Monday, October 3, 2011

Decorating for the Season

Since we're in a semi-permanent spot (you know, longer than 3 months), I decided to get some decor on these white walls. And yes, I did have to talk Kyler into letting me put eight holes in the wall in order to hang these four shelves.

So for starters, I pulled out our engagement pictures that just so happened to be taken in the fall. Woo Hoo for coincidence. They're the only photos we have printed of us and they're in the right season.

Then I decided I wanted some mini pumpkins. I really had my heart set on white pumpkins, but last week when I stopped at the little farmer's market, they only had orange. bummer. But when Kyler's parents visited this weekend, we stopped at Farm Fest, and I just had to buy a couple of white ones when I saw them. Although my shelves were pretty full without them.

So I scooted a couple down to the TV stand and moved that red candle by the TV from the shelves to...well, by the TV.

What? You didn't want a play-by-play of how I decorated my shelves?

And, for the past two weeks, I'd been on the lookout for acorns to no avail. This past weekend, when Kim and Terry were here, we went to Nashville and I found lots of buy. I was pretty sure I could find them cheaper (say, free) but I couldn't find an oak tree until this afternoon when we took a walk around the apartment complex for Kyler's study break, and I stumbled upon (quite literally) a batch of acorns. And alas, an oak tree! So we filled Kyler's pockets, and I stuck them in a vase when we got home. But I didn't estimate the volume very well, so I filled the rest of the vase with...a pumpkin!

And maybe the most exciting part of this whole post/decorating/blogging process was that I learned how to set the white balance on our camera!



Ta da! No more yellow walls from taking a picture inside at night :)

Happy Fall Y'all!


  1. I too have been on the lookout for acorns. I found a neat wreath idea (on pintrest of course!) the requires A LOT of acorns...but no luck yet!! I really like your idea of filling up a vase with them. Good job decorating for the season!!

  2. Yay for finding the FREE acorns...and yay for figuring out the white balance setting. Oh....and the decorations are delightful too!!! Had a wonderful time visiting with you!