Monday, October 24, 2011

Gross. With a capital G.

Remember our beautiful, perfectly ripe pumpkins?

Apparently a few weeks in the cold and rain aren't the best treatement for them.

They got all moldy and disgusting.

Kyler asked if I wanted my candles back. Who knows what kind of funk they sucked up from that standing water. I passed.

Mine caved in, but at least it wasn't as disgusting as Kyler's.  I attribute it to scraping it out better than he did.

Nevertheless. Still gross.

Our neighbors probably think we're weirdos. I've caught the man staring at these gross pumpkins. And today he walked by as Kyler was taking pictures of them, but he went inside before he could see Kyler throwing them away. So we're the screwed up neighbors that carve pumpkins to let them rot and then photograph them.

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  1. Ha, ha! They're getting a good lesson in American culture! Love you two!!!