Monday, November 21, 2011

IU Basketball

Last Sunday, Kyler and I had the privilege of going to an IU basketball game, sitting in the 3rd row right behind the bench.

He got the tickets from his professor by answering a question correctly in class. That's my boy!

We got banners on the wall...
It felt so good to be back in Assembly Hall.

Especially since we have a decent team this year...mostly because of that dude, #40.

The last three years, our team was desperately lacking a big man after DJ White left.

DJ White
Which, DJ actually was in attendance at this game.

The team looks good this year. Talented starters. Great bench.

And lets not forget good-looks too :)

Caught on camera.

But back to basketball...

See that assistant coach there in the middle?

He looked so familiar.

Kyler thought so too. And then we placed him...

Gordon Gecko from the movie Wall Street. We're such business school geeks.

But back to basketball...again.

We're so excited to watch this team this year. After four of the worst years of IU basketball while we were on campus, we finally feel like it's our time!

Obviously, we need basketball to look forward to...

...considering IU football isn't really anything to get excited about.

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