Friday, November 25, 2011

Kyler's Green Thumb

Kyler loves plants.

Remember back when we first moved to Columbus, Kyler had to transpant his orchid into a larger pot? He's nurtured her ever since and she's growing a new leaf! He's so proud, and I have to admit that she's a pretty plant. And she has an adorable pot.

Well, in the orchid's old pot, he planted a $.20 pack of Morning Glories (we think).

Definitely not a pretty plant. I wasn't a fan from day one because that pot is so ugly, but it stayed outside. Out of sight, out of mind right? Well, before the first frost, he brought it inside. And daily it just bugged me in all of its ugly, straggly-ness. So he finally threw it away on Thursday.

And what does he bring home on Friday?

Another plant. This time it was much more appealing to the eye. This is his mom's old bonsai tree. But I think we're done with adopting least until we have some place to put them. I'm not sure the printer is the best location for a greenhouse.

Happy Black Friday and one month until Christmas!

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  1. Love and nurture the bonsai and it will outlive us all. Or not... Either way, I'm glad you gave it a home and I can come visit it. After all, it was born in Hawaii and we carefully toted it 6000 miles to get here...I hated to toss it out to its death in the Indiana winter.