Friday, November 11, 2011

Tis the Season: Christmas and Basketball

Happy 11-11-11!

What a great day it was for us! Here are some of the reasons why:

1) It's Friday. Hello weekend!

2) IU basketball's regular season started tonight. 1-0 baby!

3) Christmas shopping began as well
          ii) Christmas supplies: gifts, wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, tape, name tags, boxes, apple juice, and cell phone.
             All necessities.
            There will  be two happy little boys on Christmas. And a happy Mom.

4) Tomorrow is more Christmas shopping in Indy with my Grandma and sister.

5) Kyler's currently looking up live Christmas tree farms on the iPad. rightthisverysecond. And I've never had a real Christmas tree. Yippee! But we better get it fast because we have presents accumulating on the tv table and on Black Friday, we're getting a big tv!

6) My sister called with some good news. She found the Kyler's old iPod that I lost misplaced during our move. Turns out it was in one of the coat pockets on my old winter coat. And yes it did get misplaced during our move. I moved the coat home. Little did I know that the iPod was in there though.

7) We're almost halfway through our month of writing down what we're thankful for. And I'm so happy that Kyler's really into it. He's even had to remind me to write one down.

8) We paid off one of my student loans today. It was a smaller amount but the interest rate was really high. Goodbye!

9)  Kyler's input for why today was so awesome: Veteran's Day. Freedom. And I quote.

10) Quinn Buckner. We were almost in tears over some of his commentary tonight. Who knew that the referees kicking  the cheerleaders of the court could've been so funny.

And that my friends, is 11-11-11's version of our Top Ten.

Have a great weekend everybody!

P.S. More exciting news but unrelated to 11-11-11....we're going to the IU game on Sunday. Third row. Behind the home bench. Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers!

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