Friday, February 3, 2012

Decorating for Valentine's Day

I realize that I just posted about New Year's Eve, but now I'm moving on to our next not Groundhog's Day.

I really want a fireplace mantle to decorate someday. For now though, I'll just keep decorating the shelves above our TV.

The last time I decorated for a season it was fall, so we were in desperate need of an update. And I'm pretty excited we have  a whole new look using only things we had on hand...and I'm really not sure why I keep using the term 'we'. Kyler was definitely no help during this project. :)

I bought the sparkly red scrapbook paper in December for a Christmas project, and the white felt is actually from a little project I did for a certain almost-2-year-old's birthday party. They're hot glued to piece of twine...which we bought earlier in the year for one reason or another. So far it's been used to measure out our new TV's size, wrap presents, and now this project.

Maybe my favorite part of this project is the frame to the far left. I pulled out a piece of red leftover fabric for the background, and cut out the heart and L from the new Fossil magazine.

It's a nice little sprucing up to our plane white walls. Which until a couple of weeks ago, these were the only decorations hanging in our apartment. At least now we have some wedding pictures hanging above the couch!

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  1. So clever, Kara! I know Kyler was no real HELP, but I'm sure he had a comment (or two!)! Love you both!