Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day Celebration!

Happy Monday! And happy late Valentine's Day.

On Tuesday, I had these beauties waiting for me at home.

I absolutely love tulips, and Kyler picked out two types with mixed colors and had these all arranged for me when I got home for work.

Our real Valentine's Day plans took place over the weekend. We made a quick trip to southern Indiana for a show at the Derby Dinner Playhouse.

It was a beautifully renovated eat-in theatre with seating all around the center stage where the performance took place. We sat at a table of six and had a nice dinner getting to know the other four sitting with us: a nice couple from Evansville and her parents celebrating their 61st wedding anniversary. It wasn't hard to befriend them once they found out the we were from IU, and they were huge Bobby Knight fans.

The show we saw was called Boeing, Boeing! and was about three flight attendants all travelling to see their fiance in Paris. Little did they know that they were all engaged to the same man. It was an absolute hilarious story as the man and his visiting friend try to juggle all three women under one roof. Kyler and I both agreed that it had been a while since we had laughed that hard!

Because we got to the theatre a little early, we took a little drive across the bridge...

...into Kentucky!

After a few extra minutes of sight-seeing around Louisville, we headed back to Indiana for our show.

It was definitely a wonderful Valentine's Day celebration!


  1. Very fun! So glad Kyler got his dad's romantic least in the flower department, anyway. Love you both!

  2. Great way to celebrate!

  3. Gorgeous tulips! Sounded like a great date :)