Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Texas Day 4: Shopping and the House Kids

On Monday, we headed to the San Marcos outlets. Alli was raving about all the shops there, and I had to check it out myself. Kyler took a book to read while I shopped. However, there aren't many pictures to show for it. Just receipts :)

So instead, I thought I'd show some pictures of our time playing with the House kids.

Watching Blaise at gymnastics. She would actually check on us to make sure we were watching her.

Jumping on the trampoline with Kyler.

Scout's bow fell off after a while of jumping, so Kyler put it back in her hair. Lucky for Scout, Kyler doesn't have to do her hair on a regular basis.

Pillow fight before bed.

Every morning Blaise would get up and snuggle with Kyler on the couch.

More of the nightly festivities. Kyler and the kids both had to get all their energy out before bed.

Then Blaise wanted to do it to Kyler.

Scout loves to draw me pictures.

Blaise and Kyler playing chess against Ethan.

And here are a couple of videos for your pleasure.

Kyler doing exercises with Blaise. You can hear her couting his push ups ... 11, 12, 13.

Kyler and I were really into reading The Hunger Games in our spare time. So when the kids saw us with our books, they wanted to read too. Here, Scout and I are reading/singing Old McDonald.

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