Friday, May 25, 2012

Childhood Boxes

As most of you probably know, when the Gray kids get married, they get a delivery of all the keepsakes their Mama kept for them throughout their childhood.

Last Saturday morning was beautiful, so Kyler and I sat out on the back porch soaking in some rays and going through his boxes.

Some old posters we decided were best suited for the trash...

Some old toys that we kept for our guest room...just in case a couple of little boys ever visit and need some toys. They may be old, but they'll be new to them.

There were a lot of sports pictures, school yearbooks, and journals that we decided to keep. Kyler's mom kept very good records of his earliest years in his baby book. Cincinnati was one of his first trips away from home in fact..

There were some hilarious journal entries that I want Kyler to post about himself. Only a 6th grader can perfectly describe the frustrations on vacation when Dad gets lost :)

And then there were some school memorabilia. Like this bracket from a 3rd grade contest of some sort where Kyler and I squared off.

And at least I lost to the champion.

And I think I was probably the best one to lose. Kyler probably wouldn't have been this kind if he'd been defeated.

Maybe it was a grammar contest. Obviously I still had some work to do...'You Did Good'

It was a fun way to start our weekend and get our burn tan on.

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  1. Aren't you glad your Mama kept all those things??? What else would you do on a nice, sunny afternoon????