Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby Shower

This weekend I co-hosted my first baby shower. Oh my goodness! It was a blast. We need more babies in the family so I can plan more of these parties! ;) I may or may not have been planning this party for a couple months...and hoarding supplies in our guest bedroom. But it's all cleaned out now!

We went with a simple lavender-themed party. My aunt made the cake since the cake-maker on the Gray side of family is temporarily out-of-business.

Speaking of cake-maker, here's the momma-to-be-again...

Oh, and there on the left is my pride and joy, first diaper cake I've ever made. And please notice that cute little giraffe rattle tucked in there. That was probably my favorite part!

Kyler's mom so graciously opened her home to host our party. Here's our refreshment station. Yummy cake and PINK lemonade.

I knew I wanted to play the traditional baby shower game where everyone tried to estimate the mom-to-be's belly size. I definitely over-estimated (by about a foot), and the winner was actually a young girl, maybe 8 or 9 years old. Go figure!

Notice all those gifts in the background! We had about 25 guests, and between our real families and church family, Dana got a lot of goodies and just has to fill in some gaps. Everyone was so generous. Our family is happy to add girls and the church family is just excited to have two newborns in the nursery!

Here's Dana's grandma cutting her string.

I'm a visual and overall 'theme' person, so I knew how I wanted to decorate the cake and design the invitations, but after that, I just wanted our guests to have fun and be entertained.

So I enlisted another sister-in-law Emily to help with games and prizes. Emily actually surprised us all with a cool craft...making headbands!

After all of our guests made up their headbands, Dana picked her two favorites and they received prizes!

Then it was on to gifts. Now, I was writing down all the gifts so I don't have any pictures. But there were some adorable outfits, and Terry got the girls the cutest little metallic slippers! Oh my goodness. All of those pink and ruffles were to die for. Now we just have to wait until October 10th for these bundles to arrive. And I believe now, Dana is much more ready for the babies to arrive!


  1. Thank you so much Kara for doing this for Dana! It was wonderful and you and Emily did a great job with everything. These baby girls are so blessed to have awesome aunts like you!!!
    Love you!

  2. Thank you so much for planning the baby shower!!! Everything was wonderful and I am still blown away by all the love people showed our family...what a blessing! Now we just have to wait 8 weeks and 2 days :)