Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meet Prim

Meet Prim, our little kitty. I asked for a kitten for my birthday, and considering I also asked for some chickens, he obliged and got me a cat. And her name is Prim, a la Hunger Games.

She's 13 weeks old and was an indoor cat, but we're turning her into an outdoor cat. Day 1, we put her on the top deck so she was pretty much trapped with no where to go.

Which was all fine and dandy until we went in to eat lunch, and when we came back out she was no where in sight. We didn't see her on the ground, which meant she didn't suffer the 20 foot drop to the ground. And I was convinced a hawk picked her up and carried her away, but Kyler found her huddled on a 4" slice of deck between the edge and a little garden bin. Whew. I was worried and afraid I was unfit to be a pet keeper.

It was so hot in the middle of the day on the back deck, and the poor girl was panting! So we took her to her room. [No, she doesn't really have her own room]

Most of you have been to our house by now and will remember the little 'pen' in the unfinished part of our basement. That's where she's staying for now, until she gets to know us. We were afraid to just plop her down outside, still somewhat scared of us. I didn't want her to run straight into the woods when I say here kitty kitty. We're working on transitioning.

Maybe my favorite part is seeing Kyler play with her. He's surprised me and likes that cat just as much as I do. Sunday afternoon we were cleaning up a bit and Kyler mentioned that he needed to take something down to the basement. After about 10 minutes, I realized I hadn't seen him in a while. So I yelled throughout the house, and he was in the basement...but he couldn't yell back his response...it would've scared Prim.

Of course we got her a cheap little mouse toy, and she's loved chasing it around.

Who me?

I love my mouse that Kara picked out for me! Kyler's yarn ball...not so much.

Our staircase runs right on top of her little pen, so whenever we would come down to see her, she could hear us coming and would run to hide behind her kitty litter. She's gotten used to us now and anticipates our arrival by meeting us at the gate.

Scaredy Cat.

When I got home from work on Monday, I found Kyler doing some work on his computer sitting on the front porch...of course with Prim close by.

Scared of the loud birds. It's funny since she was an inside cat  before, she's scared of lots of things outside including the wind and birds.


Don't you want me up there on your lap?

She's so cute and cuddly! I'm definitely not returning this birthday present!!

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  1. that's fun. kitties are great little pets. excited to see you guys this weekend and meet the newest edition to the family.