Friday, September 14, 2012

Late Summer Landscaping

Since moving to Ohio, we've noticed a ton of tulips around here. Kyler's dad will be the first to tell you that he's never had luck with tulips in Indiana, but the soil here must be much more conducive. And since tulips are my favorite flower, I've wanted to plant some since we moved May.

So now that's it's finally (almost) bulb season, we've decided to work on some of our landscaping. I want a bed of tulips along the house, and I've been eyeing the mums that have been popping up everywhere. And Kyler has decided that he wants some lilies around a tree right out front.

Due to the recent downpour, the ground was nice and workable.

He cleared out the ring around the tree...

However, the store didn't have any bulbs in. So we had to temporarily delay that project. But we did bring home some baby mums and planted them out front.

They definitely have some growing to do.

Oh, still can't see them?

Oh there they are!

And while we were outside, we did some more improvements. We have this overgrown area on the side of the house full of a mish-mash of plants.

There was this filler stuff that was just taking over, so Kyler transplanted it to the other side of the rose bush. I'm not sure if fall is the appropriate time to transplant plants, but we decided to take our chances. If it does die, I'll steal some flocks from my mama.

And here are those yellow plants in their new home.

And the front of the house looks a little less crowded...though it might not look like it.

 And look, another little mum popped in there!

All the while, we had this little kitty to keep us company.

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  1. Oh no, Kara...I see the buddings of another "Kim Gray" lucky are you?!