Thursday, October 31, 2013

18 weeks

Jeesh. Some of you are demanding (ahem, Kelli & Claire). So here's the 18 week photo. Happy Halloween!!

As you can tell from the picture, we've been prepping the nursery for paint. We got our dresser and crib last weekend, so now it's full steam ahead.

We actually had quite the adventure getting the dresser in place. To avoid paying for shipping, we ordered the dresser online and requested it be shipped to the store, 5 miles away from our house. What we didn't anticipate was that it came fully assembled and would not fit in our car (we didn't even try)! And we had 5 days to pick it up from the store or it would be returned back to the warehouse. So we called in a favor and bought pizza for some good friends while they transported our dresser with less than an inch to spare! Luckily for us, he's an engineer. I knew between him and Kyler, they could make it work if it was possible.


  1. Kell - if you're reading, hi! can we make mints for the baby shower?
    Kara - you and baby gray are adorable.

  2. Claire- OF COURSE!!! I was hoping you might ask because I know how much fun we had :) details to come! -Kell