Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Bachelor Pad

On Tuesday, Mom and I loaded up the van and my car and headed back down to Bloomington for my final back-to-school mother-son move-in. After seeing how filthy some parts of my new house were (namely the kitchen and bathroom), Mom couldn't bear knowing that I lived in an unclean house--so she decided to come along to help get this place in order. Again, thank you 1000X over for coming to help--I would be cleaning for the rest of the week if you hadn't helped.
The Bachelor Pad
Here is a picture of the outside of our house, located just a few blocks off-campus. Living with me (but yet to move in) will be two of my closest friends from school - Jason and Adam. I am definitely looking forward to spending the year with them, especially after spending the past three years of my life in the dorms.

Apparently, the front door is Mom's favorite part of the house
The space in the house is great, considering I have spent the last three years of college in 12x12 squares, also known as dorm rooms. Don't get me wrong, I loved the convenience of living on-campus, but after spending the summer in our spacious home, this is sure to be a much smoother transition.
Living Room
Please note that the flowery couch in the bottom-right of the picture is Kara's, not ours. I am pretty packed and loaded with furniture right now, as Kara has a lot of her stuff in my house because she is temporarily living with her friend Claire until her lease starts next week. (Another moving story - I can feel it already.)
Note: Mom literally spent 5 hours working on the kitchen just to get it this clean. Thanks again!
Below are a few more pictures of my self-proclaimed Bachelor Pad. I can only use a name such as that for the next 9.5 months, so I am taking advantage of the opportunity.

Bedroom - thank you, Mr. Obvious
Office Space - call me Bill Lumbergh
Hallway with toilet (AKA Bathroom)
I have orientation starting next week, and my friends are moving in within the week. Look forward to more excitement!


  1. The photos look better than real life! You got the bathroom even sparkling!! And yes, I do love the front door...the one redeeming quality of the house! I'm glad I was able to help out. You know I'd do anything for you!!! Love you!

  2. um...yeah, i'm gonna have to have you come in on saturday.

  3. Love the place! I am sure it will be a refreshing change from dorm life...and you're still so close to campus too. Good find.

  4. Heard the place was filthy but mom must have done a good job! Apartment life is definitely different than dorm life. Good luck this school year. I'll miss you both at Sunday School!