Thursday, September 2, 2010


When you think of Conner Prairie, I am sure you have a pretty fond memory that goes something like this: a fourth grade field trip where you see the pioneer lifestyle reenacted by older people who will not break character regardless of what happens. Typically, the boys in the group do all they can to ask strange questions and do weird things to get the older women (I'll tell you who it was, it was that dang Sasquatch) to break out of character, while the girls stand in awe and listen intently to the fantasy-world of pioneer living.

Well, this was definitely not the case the other weekend when Zach, Emily, Kara, and I ventured to The Prairie. We caught Beatlemania and headed to see The Classical Mystery Tour, a Beatles cover band, take the stage and entertain us. Many thanks to Kara's aunt who hooked us up with four free tickets to the show, which was part of Marsh's Symphony on the Prairie series.

Emily and Zach - pre show
This was actually quite an event, and a lot more people attended than I expected would be there. In fact, the entire lawn was full of spectators, many of whom brought picnic tables filled with supper and dinner wines. It was definitely a different experience than any other concert I have ever been to, but for the better.
Paul, John, George and Ringo
For some pre-show entertainment, Zach and I walked around to some booths that were giving away free stuff in exchange for our e-mail addresses. After 5 sign-ups and 1 Chevy Malibu tour, we made out with T-shirts, pens, recipes, bags, food samples, and a chance to win something huge. Much to our surprise, Kara was announced as a winner of a floral arrangement at the beginning of the show.
Should Be Kara's Future Psychedelic Bridal Bouquet
We were sure that someone was going to win the $7,000 home entertainment system, but we are still waiting to hear back on that one...Oh well.

Another cool thing The Prairie had going on was hot air balloon rides for $20/person. We didn't go, but we watched several crews go up in the massive balloon that was apparently hooked up to a giant wench at the bottom.
BP Balloon (circa 1851) - Precursor to Goodyear Blimp
Overall, we all definitely had a great time, and I was content to sing along with The Beatles all night long. I would definitely do a repeat event at The Prairie, but I hope that we can get some legit pioneer women to sing some bluegrass on stage next time.

Fake Smile on Right (not a true indicator of overall experience)


  1. "She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah!"
    Best lyrics of all time!... Love the Beatles and I know I would have even enjoyed the fake version! Maybe I can get your dad to Conner Prairie again someday...
    Love you!

  2. looks like a great time! thanks for stopping by last week~

  3. Very nice of you to stop by recently. Always a pleasure meeting new friends in cyberspace.

  4. Oh the memories of Connor Prairie are eerily similar to how Kyler described them. I thoroughly remember two things: 1) The blacksmith shop was incredibly cool. 2) It was at the same time a fun, educational, and extremely funny place to be.

    I bet a concert on the Prairie has a similar feel...interesting crowd. :-)