Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Special Treatment

A couple of weeks ago, Kyler told me not to make plans because we were going to the first IU football game of the season. I wasn't going to argue with the man, so I cancelled my eye appointment for that evening and penciled in the game. We've got our priorities straight around here.
Memorial Stadium North Endzone
This past Thursday, we went to the first game of the season, and man we were treated like high rollers. Kyler had responded to this email that said if you were one of the first 50 who replied, you received two tickets to dinner and the University President and the Athletic Director were guest speakers. We had a phenomenal dinner with these lovely elderly couples, who we later found out were retired trustees. Who knew! Also on the table were cute little favors: IU tattoos and a "credentials holder". I loved the tattoos. Kyler loved the holder...probably because it came with the 500 most commonly misspelled words on the back of the blank reference forms. (Did you know misspelled is one of the most misspelled words?)
Kyler showing off his credentials
Seriously, he kept pulling that fold-up thingy out of his pocket and saying, "You want to see my credentials?" And then he would inform me of five more commonly misspelled words. We're nerds like that :)

But back to the football. No wait, back to the dinner. Yes, that's where this was going.

Banquet Hall
The room dinner was in was incredible. They finished construction on the North Endzone last summer, and it was mighty beautiful. This is a view from the balcony, overlooking our tables. Through those doors is the outdoor balcony that seats important people (including Kyler and myself that night).

After dinner and hearing President McRobbie and AD Fred Glass speak, it was time for some football. We had incredible seats. Like only-a-few-rows-in-front-of-us incredible.
Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers!
This is the best I can do for showing you how close we were. There were probably ten rows in front of us and then the tunnel heading into the locker rooms.

This section was much...more tame...than our regular student section. We had little elementary school boys behind us going crazy trying to catch the football after it went through the uprights, but that's about as crazy as it got.

Sitting in this section was a luxury in more ways than one. My favorite was that we actually got to SIT. And don't think we were sitting on aluminum benches either. We had theater style seating WITH cupholders. It was incredible. And to top it all off, we got little banners tucked in our cupholders. Kyler thought they were corny, but I thoroughly enjoyed mine.
Free Hoosier Banner
 About the time the second quarter began, the student section was at its max. I suppose the tailgating had ended by then, and everyone figured they might as well stumble walk across the street to see what all the tailgating was for.

Student Section: The Quarry
I'm sure they're glad they stopped by. The Hoosiers won. We beat some little school called Towson. I'm still not sure how to pronounce it or where it's located, but by-golly we won!

Showing off our special passes
We had so much fun that night. The weather couldn't have been any more perfect. The game couldn't have ended any more perfectly. Thanks Kyler and whoever emailed him for the awesome night!


  1. You two were rubbing noses with the IU big-wigs! Never can get too much networking!!! Of course, we all know you DESERVE that kind of special treatment! VERY NICE!!!

  2. Kara - You are a very funny and great writer. We always look forward to your posts. :-)

    Go Hoosiers!!!

  3. High rollers!!! Way to land a great evening, dinner and free/amazing tickets. Nice work and nice post, loved it!