Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Job Search

This week marked the official beginning of the job search for both Kara and I. Kara is graduating in May and is looking for a full-time job, and I am looking for an internship next summer since I still have a year of graduate school left. We are lucky that we attend Indiana University when it comes to finding a job, because they really bring the companies to you instead of trying to find them, which is definitely a plus. But that also means that we have to experience the student-fest that is a Kelley career fair.

Basically, 60-70 companies come over the course of a few days and set up shop in the Union. Then, students looking for jobs approach the tables and talk to recruiters. It sounds like a good way to meet people, but sometimes it can be frustrating trying to talk to everyone and hoping that you made a positive impression (I have definitely struck out a few times...awkward).

Randomly, the Undergraduate Career Services Office was taking pictures at the event, and as I was looking at their Facebook page, I stumbled upon a picture of myself speaking with a Raytheon representative.

Shmuck on the left

I am interested in working for a large manufacturing company next summer, so I was visiting companies that fit the bill. While visiting the John Deere table, I stumbled upon some luck and actually got an interview for the next day - which was not typical, but I definitely was not complaining. Large manufacutring company + farming and machines + an awesome finance development program = an ideal job for me.

If Anyone is in the Market for a John Deere Hat, I Have Three Now

The interview went pretty well, even thought I was definitely a little rusty considering I have not interviewed in about a year. Hopefully, I will hear back from them soon. Kara spoke with several companies that she seemed to connect with, and hopefully many opportunities will pan out for her as well.

As we continue our job search, I just want to ask for some prayers - most importantly that we will both find jobs, and secondly that their will be ample opportunties so we can be in the locations we want without adding strain to the beginning of our marriage.


  1. Guess you just can't leave the country-boy side of you behind! That's a good thing, I guess!!! I'm praying that both of you will find good jobs in good locations. I know it'll all work out, but it's stressful until it does.

    By the your new website look!

    Love you both!

  2. you know guys...there are some great companies in the Kansas City area ;-).

    You both will definitely be in our prayers. I am sure you both will find fantastic jobs that are close to each other.

    Great post!

  3. I always hated the career fairs. It was a lesson in schmoozing - and who can fake the best smile. Anyway, we will be praying for you and wish you the best! It is an exciting and nerve-wrecking time...

  4. We'll definitely be praying for both of you and your job search. I know what it is like and it can be stressful at times. God has a plan for both of you!

  5. I recommend for the job search. We just partnered with CollegeRecruiter as well so Trovit has thousands of internship and entry-level opportunities. Good luck to you both!