Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's been busy around here...

and I haven't gotten to write what I wanted to write because it takes time, and I'm lacking time. So I beg your pardon that this post will be fairly shallow and hardly thought out at all. Sorry you're the one to suffer, but I suppose it's better you than my grades.


Last night at work, I was counting drawers. A couple of days ago I saw a 2010 quarter. I must say that on a college campus, cash is a rare sight. And I realize that seeing a 2010 quarter in September is not amazing whatsoever. What IS amazing, is last night I saw my first 2010 penny. It was all shiny, the newness not worn off. Then I saw another, but this time the tails was up and I thought it looked rather strange. So I picked it up(and lost count of what number I was on), and inspected the penny. It was beautiful and...

missing something. Where's the Lincoln Memorial? Where's little Abe? What did they do with our 16th president on the back of the penny? What is this world coming to?

If you want to read about what this world is coming to, check this website out.

I thought this was rather strange, but eventually started counting the pennies in my drawer all over again, and I stopped thinking about Abe until this morning. (Yes, I have a horrible train of thought. I lose a thought and it doesn't come back until twelve hours later.)

So this morning I was thinking about Abe, and I was reminded of a funny movie I saw once. I don't really remember the whole movie, but there are some humorous lines I thought I would share with you.

In case it's difficult to understand because the clip is horrible, the blind man's name is Blinkin. The other guy says, "Hey Blinkin." And Blinkin replies, "Did you just say Abe Lincoln?" (See the correlation with the penny and Robin Hood Men in Tights now?)

And here's one of my absolute most favorite parts of the movie. I realize it's a bit immature, but so hilarious. Let me preface it by saying, the country just finished fighting (a war?). Blinkin was in the castle, but it was blown away. Robin Hood just returned from battle, and Blinkin is seeing him for the first time. Enjoy.

Have a great day! If you're busy and need a break, get in some old movie clips and laugh out loud. (Advice to myself). Eventually all these exams will be over, and I will have a more "in depth" post. One that might be worth your time to read anyways.


  1. love the post! i haven't seen a 2010 penny yet. that is exciting stuff there.

    now robin hood...that just brings me back to middle school days. :-)

  2. Talk about random train of thought... never saw the movie, but it looks like one Kim would think was hilarious and I would be rolling my eyes at the stupidity!!! The penny, however, is very interesting...haven't seen one...
    Love you both!

  3. Gotta love Mel Brooks' movies! Interesting information about the penny - I had not heard that. They need to quit messing with perfection...