Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bringing the Talent Home

I had an interesting and unusual opportunity this weekend. During the week, I was asked if I would have some time to come in to the business school Dean's Office early on Saturday morning to have a chat with a high school student. Our goal (there were six students there) was to just talk with the student about everything IU and the business school has to offer, as well as letting him know what student life was like.

Now, I have been to several recruiting events similar to this, but there were definitely a few things that were different this time.
  1. There were six IU students there and only ONE high school recruit.
  2. The Dean of the business school was there.
  3. The recruit's parents were there.
  4. Coach Tom Crean and two of his staff were there.
Wait - Tom Crean? Yes, this time was different because the student we were trying to recruit was none other than Cody Zeller, a blue-chip basketball recruit who is considering coming to IU next year to play for the Hoosiers. Of course, when I heard about this opportunity, I was extremely excited and I really wanted to represent IU in the best way possible.

After eating breakfast with Cody, his family, the Dean, Coach Crean, and a few of his staff, the IU students spent some time with just Cody, talking about life at IU and at the business school. Cody is a great student as well as a basketball player, and he and his family are all genuinely good people.

This was Cody's last college visit, as he had three official visits - Butler, North Carolina, and IU. Hopefully he will choose to come to IU (signing day begins next month). But even if he doesn't, he is a great kid who I am sure will be successful wherever he chooses to take his talents.

Also, Kara and I had a chance to stop by the new basketball practicing facility - Cook Hall. Here are a few pictures that I didn't take (  and

Right Beside Assembly Hall
The Five Title Trophies at Bottom of Glass Column
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  1. That is so awesome!!! Hopefully Cody'll see the light and become a Hurryin' Hoosier!!!

  2. Only three five star recruits remain...and Zeller is one of them. Hopefully, he will come to Bloomington - it's Crean's first true test in recruiting!

    Sounds like you had some fun...

  3. That's really something! No pressure or anything, you're just helping to recruit one of the top 10 players in the nation...