Sunday, October 10, 2010

My seester and her meester

Kyler, me, Kelli, and Austin
God works in mysterious ways. He definitely had a hand in my seester's trip down to visit this weekend. I haven't had a free weekend since school started, and it seems that Kyler hasn't either. Kelli  either has volleyball practice or a volleyball tournament on Saturdays. Her boyfriend Austin plays college  football and has his games on Saturdays. But lo behold, this weekend, all four of us were free...or free enough to hang out for a while. And it was wonderful! Plus, it fell on the weekend before Austin's birthday so we got to have a party!

Kyler and I had our engagement pictures taken Friday afternoon, and literally as soon as we were finished and said goodbye to our wonderful photographer, Kelli called to say they were sitting outside my apartment complex. Perfect timing!

Friday night we all just hung out. (Read: eating pizza and cake and ice cream, opening presents, and playing one of the funniest games I have ever played). Here is our weekend through pictures:

Happy 19th Birthday Austin!

He was touched...Actually I think he was making fun of us for having Kleenex on the table

Telli and Austin

Kyler just couldn't handle all the excitement (mid presents time)

Kelli really spoiled him

These two are obsessed with Toy Story 3, hence Toy Story Operation
Playing games
If you ever need an impromptu game because no one has four AAA batteries for the Toy Story Operation, here is one that will keep everyone in stitches. Everyone gets squares of paper per how many people are playing. On the top piece of paper, you write a phrase or sentence. Then pass it to the person to your right. That person will then put the phrase on the bottom of the stack and draw a picture to describe the phrase. Then pass it to his or her right. The person who receives it will  look at the picture and then write a sentence or phrase that they think the drawing is trying to depict. Next person draws. Next person writes. And the entire stack of writings and drawings gets back to the person who wrote the original phrase. Then you laugh and cry about how your phrase was transformed into the most outrageous drawings and other sentences. My "follow the yellow brick road" turned in to "children playing hopscotch". My roommate's "Derek Jeter is a hottie" turned in to "Burn the Yankees". And Kelli dominated as her "Skittles, taste the rainbow" survived all translations and was the only original phrase to return the same. SO. MUCH.  FUN.

Saturday we toured the campus

Showalter Fountain
 Austin goes to a small Christian, private college. Upon approaching this fountain, I believe his comment was something to the effect of, "Now at AU, we aren't allowed to have these kinds of statues."

Then we found another, very detailed statue. Kyler thought we should imitate them.

Boys will be boys.

Watching the IU v. Penn State volleyball game
P.S. the player in the red jersey, the libero, is from our hometown
Because Kelli loves volleyball, and because I love IU and want Kelli to come here, we took her to an IU volleyball game. Again, it worked out that the volleyball game was between huge rivals, and the opponents are 3x national champions, and IU hadn't beaten them in 40 tries. Well, as it turns out, IU won last night. And I think Kelli should come to IU because its volleyball team is awesome...among other reasons.
I got to sit by the hottest attendee :)
Overall, we had a wonderful time with my seester and her meester. They had to leave Saturday night after the volleyball game, but I'm so glad they got to come visit for a part of the weekend. And if Sunday is any indictation of how our week is going to be, we're in for another busy one.

P.S. Keep Kyler in your prayers as he flies out to the John Deere Headquarters in Illinois/Iowa for an interview. 


  1. Quad cities here you come! Great post :-)

  2. I think Kelli should go to IU too...that makes 3 votes (that I know of...)! What a beautiful weekend for them to come down! Can't wait to see the engagement photos... Love you!

  3. Sounds like everyone had a great time! Good luck with your interviews this week. Love you!

  4. Have fun in the Quad Cities - and good luck! Glad you could spend time with your sis and her mis(ter).