Saturday, October 2, 2010

CFO Roundtables

An update on my "flesh wound": It is feeling much better, and the inside of my lip is actually hurting worse than the outside where my stitches are. The stitches come out Sunday, and they haven't slowed me down - I actually played another intramural game Thursday night (2 nights after the injury)...and we won!

And yes, I know that my posts aren't always as "exciting" as Kara's, but such is my life...and right now my life is pretty much school (which, in turn, makes for posts that I am sure enthrall every reader).

In other news, I had an awesome opportunity this Friday, as 8 CFOs from large companies came down to share their experiences with graduate business students. Those in the crowd were: Whirlpool, FedEx, Berry Plastics, Kimball International, Simon Property Group, Ernst & Young, Boston Scientific, and Hillenbrand. Many of them are former IU grads, so they are definitely partial to Kelley students.

We had groups of students present cases before CFO judges, many of whom asked very difficult questions...I am definitely glad I did not present this week. Then we had time to ask the CFOs whatever questions we wanted. It was all a great learning experience, and I had two really awesome things come about from the event:
  1. I was recently "preferenced" for an interview by one of the companies that came down, and my professor set me up with a one-on-one interview with their CFO to talk about job opportunities. He served as a naval officer during Vietnam, and he has been the CFO of 5 different Fortune 500 companies. He is extremely direct, and it was a great experience speaking with him.
  2. A friend who works for an accounting firm took me aside after class and introduced me personally to another CFO, and the CFO said he would be interested in speaking to me about job opportunities, gave me his business card, and told me to send him "my stuff" and he would contact me later. Awesome!
Overall, our school is very fortunate that we can have this many business leaders come down to speak with students about their experiences in the business world. Just listening to them and hearing their backgrounds is a great learning experience that you just cannot get inside the classroom (debits and credits). It was an awesome day!

By the way, Kara and I both have interviews this coming week (and basically through the end of October)! I know everything will work out for the good (Romans 8:28), but pray that it will be sooner rather than later.


  1. You are getting some awesome opportunities already! I certainly am praying that both you and Kara do well with your interviews and God makes His plan apparent quickly so you can begin making your plans!!! Love you both and I know things will work out perfectly!

  2. Good luck with the interviews to both of you...we wish you the very best! See you soon...

  3. we are confident you both will find great opportunities very soon! best of luck this month with your interviews. :-)

  4. Kyler, this post is VERY exciting!...Your posts are equally enjoyed too. We'll be thinking of you both in the upcoming weeks, thanks for sharing what's in the works!