Thursday, November 18, 2010


Judging by the weather over the weekend, you wouldn't have guessed that Thanksgiving is only a handful of days away. But I'm not one to complain about sunshine and warm temperatures. Saturday morning Kyler called (at 9am, mind you) and asked if I wanted to take a trip to Nashville. We went there last year about this time, maybe a little earlier, and it was very pretty. And from what Randy the weatherman had been telling me, last weekend was probably the last we will see of 60 degree weather until next April. Yuck.

So off we went to Nashville.

Everything was decorated so appropriately for the upcoming Christmas season! It's hard to see, but the owners of the house below had definitely decked the halls.

Kyler and I loved this house!
We looked in some pretty cool shops. There were tons of Christmas crafts shops, a local art gallery, home decor shops, a glass molding shop, and tons of CHOCOLATE! There was a Chocolate Walk going on to raise money for the local animal shelter. Apparently this is an annual event that benefits various agencies. We didn't want to pay for the tickets to participate, but it's definitely something we think we'll check out in the future.

(About the glass molding--a guy literally took two sticks of glass and molded a nativity scene Christmas ornament over a giant flame. It was definitely one of the coolest we visited. I so wanted to take a picture, but I didn't think the man needed a distraction with that flame so close.)

And then of course there were the not-so-cool shops. One of the first ones we walked into boasted a sign offering "Quality Gold and Jewels". It was a brief stay to say the least. I would compare the quality of the gold and jewels to something I got out of a vending machine at Kroger when I was little.

My sole purchase of the day was a little bitty Christmas tree adorned in bells. Now our apartment says Christmas every time you walk in the door...not really. The tree is so small that almost everyone just walks right by it, and we have to point it out to them.

We ended the trip to the same fudge shop we visited last year. Now, the fudge was delicious, but it was not the fudge that kept all the visitors talking and gawking. Just outside the shop doors was a fake man telling of Nashville's history. Here is Kyler with our loot and this "local" man.

Kyler with our fudge, and the old man holding my little Christmas tree.
And just when we thought our trip was over, and all the sites had been seen...

This is the "sale" going on right beside our parking spot. Apparently some of the locals take advantage of the crowds and hope to sell off some of their unwanted possessions too! And just in case he was in the house when a customer came by, he left a nice little sign with directions...

"If your interested in something here, Im in the white house were the dogs are Just holler at me Thanks"

What an entertaining ending to our time in Nashville.


  1. Okay...the last tidbit was the best...totally southern Indiana redneck! I'd have been tempted to visit the house and check it THAT might have made for a good photo op too! Great post, Kara. You have a knack for words!
    See you soon!!!

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  3. You have to love little Nashville even with all its redneck goodness! I grew up taking trips there in the fall with my mom...what a great little place, glad you made some time to enjoy it!
    --So I posted before and removed it because there was a grammatical error...I don't want to be compared to the seller "were the dogs are".