Friday, November 12, 2010

Return to Glory

First things first - a follow-up on the shoe mitt post. Blogger allows you to do mobile posts by setting up your e-mail address, then taking pictures and e-mailing them to Blogger. I was under the impression that I was also allowed to write text under the picture, which didn't turn out. (Kara later notified me that my joke of a story wasn't all that funny anyways).

What I wrote was: "Really - what is a shoe mitt? I saw this in the hotel this morning, thought about it, placed it on the toe my my left shoe since it was a little chilly and walked around town. Wait...that's not what it's for? Okay, I didn't walk around town with it, but after some careful analysis I put it on my hand and wiped my shoes. Didn't see much of a difference...but isn't that what it is supposed to be used for? Then why call it a shoe mitt? Quick-hand-mitt-shoe-buffer seems more appropriate. Who comes up with these ideas?"

Okay, maybe Kara was right (dont' tell her), but seriously, it was the strangest product I have ever seen.

In other news, you may have heard that IU got a commitment from Cody Zeller to play basketball next year. This is the same kid I met with earlier with some other Kelley students to try to persuade him to play here. So, I am not taking complete credit. for the signing...all I am saying is at least my conversation with him didn't hurt anything.

Which brings me to my next point, IU's "Return to Glory". This is similar to what Kamaron thought Notre Dame's return to glory would be, only this time it might really happen in less than ten years. Cody's commitment opens IU back up to recruiting major Indiana high school talent, which has typically gone to other schools since Knight's departure. Also, we had a few other recruits who were sitting on the fence, and Cody's commitment could open the door to their arrival as well.

My friend Jason claims we could be contenders for a title in two years. While I think that is some wishful thinking, it may not be too surreal if all of the pieces fall into place. The regular season for IU starts this weekend, and Kara and I have season tickets. We have been along for the crazy ride the past three years, and we are hoping that this year we will continue to improve. I am calling a .500 record this year, but I think we are capable of more than that if everyone stays healthy and a little luck comes our way.

So, I am excited, and you should all be too! Cheer on the Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers but don't curse during the "Dr. Hoosier (GO BIG RED)" chant (if you know what I mean siblings).


  1. I'm pretty sure it was your conversation with Cody that clinched him!!! Go IU!!!

  2. Keeping the talent "in-house" was Crean's biggest challenge, and he has lived up to it so far.

    Hope you had fun at the game tonight!