Saturday, November 6, 2010


I am engaged to the very best man on this planet. (Do all brides-to-be think that?)

No seriously though. Kyler just gets me. (What? I suppose all brides-to-be say that too.)

It's the little things he does that lets me know he cares.

Exhibit A:

I received this much anticipated CD in the mail the DAY it was released. Somehow he knew I wanted it. I doubt it had anything to do with the fact that I had been talking about it since August.

And to say I've gotten its money's worth out of it is an understatement...

Above is a screen shot of my iTunes (taken on Friday morning, 11/5). It's actually quite embarrasing to admit that this only counts the times I listen when I'm at home. I'd hate to see the numbers if you added in listening in the car and on my iPod walking to class.

Note the 2:39 AM play time. Taylor keeps me company when I'm up late preparing presentations.

In other news, this week we have been crazy busy. Kyler was actually out of town Thursday and Friday interviewing. We're both getting somewhere in the interview process and decisions are needing to be made. Please keep us in your prayers that we'll know where we're supposed to be (and that we end up with offers that compliment each other's in regards to travelling distances). As of now we both have offers that work well together, but we're waiting to see if a couple of others come through. Hopefully by Thanksgiving we can let everyone know where we'll be spending our first year together as a married couple!


  1. Kyler's a keeper, for sure!!! And I must say he made a pretty good choice for a spouse himself! You two are great together, and I know God has great plans for your future...we just want to know what they are! Praying for you both daily!

  2. Kara...Anique said that after you get married...all of those thoughtful surprises from your spouse diminish greatly. (I think she's joking, but I'm not sure)

    We'll be thinking about you guys the next few weeks. Stay positive, it's all coming together.

  3. Kyler is so sweet. I must say, after five years of marriage, the surprises don't really diminish - they just change a little.

    Good luck with interviews and finding out about your next steps!