Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers!

Last Thursday, I was walking with Kyler after class when he got a phone call. Maybe his roommates. Or a classmate. Or a family member. Nope. It was my roommate. Strange? I thought so. So I checked my phone to see if maybe I had missed her call, and she was calling Kyler in an effort to reach me. No missed calls.  Hmmm....

I couldn't hear their conversation, but Kyler's only responses were, "Yeah! Awesome! For sure! Thanks Claire!" And then he hung up.

When he got off the phone, I inquired about his strange conversation, and he notified me that we were going to the IU game that night. Well yeah, we have tickets to this game already. And we're sitting COURTSIDE.

Woah! What an upgrade from practically the highest seat in the highest corner in the (Real) Assembly Hall.

To say we had amazing seats is an understatement. We had awesome seats to an awesome game. Fortunately, we remembered to take our camera. Unfortunately, we didn't have it charged. So we came away with approximately 8 pictures. But here they are to give you an idea of just how. close. we. were.

Illinois drawing up a game plan prior to the start of the game.

Christian Watford getting ready to jump on tip off.
  Oh, did we mention that our awesome seat were right behind the Illini bench, right in the midst of, not just Illini fans, but the Illini players' families. They were good sports about us rooting against their youngins.

Tom Pritchard, probably doing something unproductive. (sorry he's not my favorite)

Inbound pass on our side of the court
 And then the camera died. This was about 55 seconds into the game. I would have loved to capture the last 55 seconds for you all, because that's when all the awesomeness happened. In case you didn't catch the game, the Hoosiers won by 3 points! It was neck and neck the entire game, and Jordan Hulls (my personal fave) ended up saving us another heartbreak by hitting some key free throws in the last minute(s). We were stoked that we won a Big Ten game, which was huge in itself, but we also won against the number 21 ranked Illinois Fighting Illini.

And to be on the floor, right in the midst of the action, was incredible. Thanks Claire (for your awkward phone call to my fiance) for offering us your extra tickets to courtside seats!


  1. Great photos from some amazing seats!!! Your camera takes very clear pictures! Hopefully you learned your lesson to always have it charged never know when opportunity will strike! Love you both!

  2. What a great game to be courtside!

  3. great game! not going to lie...we're a little jealous. all we hear about are the kansas jayhawks - YUCK!