Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New Semester

When thinking about what to write about for this post, I told Kara that really nothing too exciting had happened in the last week to write about. I told her that I should write about our new semester and what our classes/semesters are shaping up like this year. She basically rolled her eyes at me (insinuating the boringness of such posts), but I have nothing better to write about so here it goes...

This semester is going great for both of us so far! Last semester, I was taking a lot of techinical classes, but this semester I have classes like operations, marketing, human resources, strategy, and management, which makes me think a lot more about real-life situations than I had in the past. We are doing a lot of business cases, which help us all think more strategically about what we would do in each situation. I am really enjoying it, and feel that I have learned a lot so far in these first few weeks.

Additionally, this semester is going to be much different than other semesters. Basically, I have 10 weeks of class, one week of a "Capstone" project, and then I head off for 5 weeks on a field study, which is basically a mini-internship that is built into the curriculum. So, with 2 weeks down, I am already 20% done with my classes, which is definitely great. I still don't know where I will be headed on my field study, but I am pretty sure it will be somewhere in the US (a large portion of the class goes abroad, but for timing reasons this probably wasn't the best option - what with the wedding and all). I will keep you updated when I know something - hopefully within the next month.

Kara's semester, from my perspective, seems to be going swell also but maybe she will speak for herself on what she is doing. She is graduating after the semester and definitely sees the light at the end of the tunnel, which she points out to me often.

The craziest thing about this semester is everything that is coming afterwards. School will be mainly normal as always, but after this semester both of our lives are going to change drastically. We are both looking forward to the wedding, the honeymoon, Kara's full-time job, my new internship, and moving 3 times in the course of about 11 months! It will be an eventful summer and the start of a lot of brand new experiences.

Thanks for reading....hopefully something exciting will happen soon that you will want to hear about more than this.


  1. May be a boring post for everyone else, but I love reading about your classes and what you're doing every day. You have such a wonderful enthusiasm for life...makes your mama smile! :) Love you!

  2. We think it is pretty exciting! Thanks for the update on life. Looking forward to June.

  3. Great update on school ~ there is definitely alot going on in your lives even if it seems somewhat mundane to you two :)