Sunday, March 6, 2011

Courtside Seats

Me, Kyler, Jordan, and Jason
It only took four years of buying season tickets, but we finally got the best seats in the house. On Thursday, the last home game of the season and my last game as a student, we sat in the second row, right behind the basket. And it was glorious!

1. remembered to take the camera,
2. remembered to charge it before leaving the house, and
3. took way, way, way too many pictures.

But here are some of the best ones, and there's a little surprise at the end :)

Kelli, sitting right behind the visitor's bench.
My parents and sister were able to make it down for the game. My dad's birthday was Saturday, so we got him these tickets. Kelli's friend(s) couldn't make it so I asked my roommate to sit with her. Then my roommate offered Kelli a ticket she had right behind the visitor's bench. Score for Kelli. Thanks Claire & BBrands!

Jordan Hulls. IU's sophomore VIP!
 Numero Uno is the love of Kelli's life, behind Austin of course.

Coach Crean
 After some bumps in IU's basketball program, he's about to get it turned back around and headed in the right direction. Check in next year, we've got awesome recruits coming in, and hopefully putting us back on the map.

Tip Off

Verdell Jones and Christian Watford
 I told you we were basically sitting on the floor!

Watford at the line

Will Sheehey
If things don't work out for Kelli and Jordan Hulls, I've already given my approval for her to chase this young man. What a heartthrob!

Shenandoah's own Caity Hinshaw on the big screen!

Wisconsin's main man
One night while watching ESPN during supper, the announcers were going on and on about this guy. Apparently he has the best body in the NCAA. Seriously, they just kept talking about his washboard abs and catching glimpses of him without his shirt on. Kinda strange, but it made more sense once we saw him up close and realized just how built this guy was.

The ref that ruined IU's momentum every other possession.

Hey look! There's Caity again!

The ref that made absurd calls.

Team Huddle
 I'm really not sure what's being said or done here, but I like to think he's asking for a little help from above. Despite the large margin at the end of the game, we were usually only 2-4 points behind the whole game.

One more picture of Jordan for Kelli.

Me and the littlest munchkin.
And since Kyler and I made it home this weekend for our shower, I just had to include one of my favorite parts about going home. Kaden had just woken up from a nap and was super cuddly. Plus, I had jingly beads on my shirt which kept him entertained, but I think he just likes hanging out with his soon-to-be aunt.

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  1. Good job on:
    1. taking the camera
    2. having it charged up!
    3. taking lots of photos...and great ones too!

    Only a girl would take photos of so many hunky guys! But the hunkiest of them all (besides Kyler, of course) is in the last photo!

    Love you guys!