Saturday, April 9, 2011

(Almost) Done With My First MBA Year

Well, I nearly have my first year of the 3/2 MBA in Accounting program complete. All that is left is a short assignment due Firday and my field study. Just to keep everyone in the loop, my "field study" is essentially just a 5-week internship that is built into our curriculum. For my field study, I will be travelling to Natick, MA (just outside of Boston) to work for Boston Scientific in their Treasury department. I am really excited about this opportunity, and I think it is going to be a challenging and rewarding experience. What will make it even more challenging (on Kara) is the fact that I don't return from Massachusetts until exactly 7 days before my wedding. (She mentioned this is the last time to get the "bachelor" that was left out of me....)

Anyways, I thought I would just write a short post to reflect on this semester. Overall, it was great and I definitely feel more prepared to enter my internship this summer. It was somewhat like I-Core version 2.0, as I took a wide variety of classes in various disciplines. Probably the highlight of my academic semester was what we did last week - the Capstone Simulation (affectionately known as Capsim).

Basically, Capsim involved integrating Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Strategy into a simulated business environment where we competed with peer teams over 8 simulated years. It was really a lot of fun, and I think what I learned the most from the whole thing was learning to make decisions with limited information while also considering the competitive effects. I also learned that EVERY decision is a trade-off, and not all decisions can be classified as "right" or "wrong". Yeah, it may sound boring to you....but I thought it was the most fun I have had in any school project.

The best thing about Capsim being over is that I am literally in Bloomington for the next two weeks with not much to do. I will probably be working on getting some wedding stuff done (considering my future 5-week absence). This week is the Little 500, and I am definitely looking forward to the races (not so much the other shenanigans). My friend, Eric, is still riding for Cutters, which is (probably) going to win again this year.

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  1. Enjoy your little break. You've earned it, and the whirlwind of wedding/honeymoon/moving/internship/moving/school again will be starting befor eyou know it. And...if you get bored, you can ALWAYS COME VISIT YOUR MOM for a few days! Love you!