Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little 500

Kara and I just finished our last Little 500 week here on Bloomington's campus. It was really a fun-filled, exciting week for both of us, and we were able to catch up with a lot of friends that we haven't seen in a while because a) they have already graduated or b) we have all been so busy that we haven't had much time. We were able to spend a lot of time catching up because I did not have class this week so I had all the time in the world and Kara had a lighter academic week.

The most exciting part of the week for Kara and I is always the race. We always know a lot of the riders and really just enjoy the event in its entirety. Friday, the weather was great, but the race was a little anticlimactic, as Team Teter lapped the entire field about 50% through the race. Saturday, the race was the most exciting one we have ever been to, but the weather was awful (not as bad as the year Kamaron raced, though). I really wish we could have been 2/2 on both events, but we weren't that lucky.

Good Turnout Despite the Dreariness
  The men's race is especially exciting for Kara and I because Eric Young, my friend from freshman year, is the best rider in the field. He rides for the Cutters, who just won their fifth straight championship. What made it so incredible this year is that around lap 45, the Cutters got into a wreck, causing them to be lapped. However, over the next 45 minutes, they continually made up ground on the top two teams and finally put themselves in the lead. Kara and I cheered on, while Eric used his cycling gift to catch up and eventually put the team on his back - riding to victory.

Cutters in Yellow, as Usual
  With Little 500 behind us, we are continually looking forward to the exciting next few months. I will leave for Boston this Saturday, and Kara will be graduating in three weeks. She is definitely looking forward to being done! But for now, we are just enjoying the beautiful Bloomington campus and springtime.

Not Really on Campus, But I Enjoy These Trees


  1. Almost done!! Enjoy the last few weeks of college - and hopefully Boston is a little safer than it was in "The Town."

  2. So glad someone in our crew got to enjoy little 5...I had no idea the Cutters were at risk not to win! Enjoy campus life for the few days left before Boston!

  3. Eric will always be known to me as your firebug friend! Congrats to the Cutters! And congrats to you and Kara...hang onto your seats, the excitement is just beginning!!! See you Thursday evening.

    LOve you!