Thursday, May 26, 2011

DJDJ - Cliff Walk

As I was picking out a postcard in the harbor for my beautiful fiancee, I saw one with a large mansion on it. Initially, this is one of the things that drove me to Newport. I had heard that it was full of mansions and old money (and tourists). I noticed that the postcard showed the harbor on one side of the island and the mansion on the other. Since I only had a few hours of daylight left, I went back to my car and set off for the next adventure...something called the Cliff Walk.

I Knew It Was Going To Be Great When I Saw This Sight - "FREE"
Essentially, the Cliff Walk is a many-miles-long paved walk right on the Rhode Island coastline. The ocean is on one side, and the other side is just full of mansion after mansion. I probably walked 4 miles just exploring the Cliff Walk, and it may have been the coolest tourist thing I have done since I was down here. The only downside is that I did it alone, but hey - I am getting married soon and don't have to worry about that anymore.

The Path...Goes For Miles

The Forty Steps - Only Descend With Your Lover....Thus, I Stayed On Shore

Beautiful Coastline

View of The Walk from the Road I Parked On

Your Memories are Now Mine?


  1. Didn't you take some photos of the beautiful mansions too??? The walk looks wonderful and very romantic...maybe someday you can take your lover there! Can't wait to see safely! Love you!

  2. I like to take "lover's walks." Looks gorgeous! There's a lot of beautiful things to see in life if you take time to get outside and slow down for a minute. I think the Northeast is definitely a spot to travel to some day.