Monday, May 9, 2011

DJDJ - The Green Monster

I Have Always Wanted to See This
Surprisingly, the Green Monster wasn't as "monstrous" as I had expected (although it was as green). I think it must be around 25' tall, so trying to hit a home run over it is definitely a challenge (and we actually saw one happen). Of course, the old-fashioned scoreboard is legendary, and it is fun to watch it be updated every inning.
Behind That Wall Sit Scores of Oompa Loompas Who Diligently Keep Score


  1. Thanks for the info about the historic scorer's wall. I always wondered how they did that...Oompa Loompas!! Brilliant idea!

  2. What a great experience! I'm living vicariously through your Fenway pictures, just fyi. Loving the DJDJ...keep it up! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Boston, but get ready...the second wedding of the century is just 25 days away...not like I'm counting or anything.

  3. What in the world is an "oompa loompa"?????? Am I the only one who doesn't know?
    Nice seats, by the way.....

  4. Definitely one of our favorite ballparks so far. We're crossing them off our list, since retiring in 2008. Still got to make it out to the west coast.

    The only thing I didn't like about Fenway was the hard seat I sat in. I think they were original to the stadium. Good thing I had my seat cushion, but even that got hard. :)