Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DJDJ - I Was on ESPN!

We actually got to see a really good game while we were at Fenway. The first six innings, the game was pretty much a pitching battle and the score was 1-0. Then, the Red Sox completely tore it up, hitting three home runs and winning 7-3. During that frenzy, one of the home runs came to right field, and my group was actually on TV (see below).

Alright...Focus. If you look at the "1" next to the LAA on the scoreboard and look straight down, I am the guy in the black/gray coat with my left arm in the air screaming. The rest of my group is to the right of me.
Other photos that didn't make it to DJDJ but are worth some space on here...

No Names on the Back. Just Team Players

Old School

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  1. Very cool...how baseball games are supposed to be. (And I got a lesson on Oompa Loompas last night from Kristoffer, so now I'm "in the know" too...)