Friday, May 20, 2011

DJDJ - Lighthouses

On the Ferry ride out to Martha's Vineyard, we saw some pretty cool lighthouses on wthe island and cape. Of course, I knew that Mom would appreciate some pictures, so I had to take them. Actually, even if Mom hadn't made such a big deal about lighthouses growing up, I think that I would still be a big fan. They are pretty interesting.
Slight Contrast in Technologies...


  1. Those are great...very picturesque! Why in the world that telephone company decided to put a cell tower right there is beyond me! It shouldn't have been allowed. But I do love the lighthouses...

  2. Pretty lighthouses...Gorgeous homes. I'll take any you see fit :)

  3. i bet danny just killed it on this island. i could totally see him fitting right in and everyone loving him.