Saturday, May 21, 2011

DJDJ - Island Sights and Return Voyage

We originally thought that we could walk around to see most of what the island offered, which turned out to be extremely ignorant. The island is pretty huge and would be like trying to walk around Emerald Isle 3-4 times. But, there was a touristy town near where the ferry landed, and we walked down a few roads and some dirt paths.
Lots of Praries and Lakes on the Island...We Went on a Mini-Hike

We Ate at the Black Dog Tavern

I Was Just Telling My Group How Rare This Was and It Had To Be a Magnolia
Tree, But I Had Never Seen a Yellow One...When the Homeowner Shouted From
Outside, "Yep, it's a Magnolia".

The Shenandoah is a Boat Made in the 60s That Replicates 1600s Sailing...Didn't Ride It
But Saw Pictures in a Pamplet
Our ferry was scheduled to leave at 7:15, with the next one departing at 8:30. We could have caught either one, but we were just finishing up supper (well three of us was gracefully indulging in his salmon) around 7. We tried to speed the check process along, but encountered several hiccups, finally receiving our bills at 7:15. After quick math for a tip and a signature, we SPRINTED to the dock about 1/3 mile away, where they had already put up some snow fence to block entry. The crew let us on, and the boat undocked less than a minute later. It was quite the experience, but we made it!


  1. It must've been good salmon. Talk about good timing w/ the ferry. That's the best feeling when you get there right before it waiting involved plus the rush that comes along with it :) Not exactly the Gray way!

  2. Love Anique's comment! And that yellow magnolia. Can't wait to see you in only 6 days!

  3. Looks like exactly the kind of quaint restaurant I'd expect on Martha's Vineyard. Maybe someday I will get to eat at the Black Dog myself! Love you!