Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DJDJ - The Old State House

John Adams, John Hancock, and Samuel Adams Discussed America's Future Here
The Old State House in downtown Boston will be my last Freedom Trail DJDJ. This historical site was not only the place where fierce revolutionary debate occurred, but at the foot of the building is the site of this Boston Massacre, where five Bostonians lost their lives to British soldiers. It was also the site of the first state house for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts after the Revolution.

We also visited Faneuil Hall, which was another historical meeting place (below) and a few other sites, but I figure you are probably Boston-historied-out right now so I will move on to something else tomorrow.

Samuel Adams - True American Patriot


  1. That old brick building looks so out-of-place surrounded by the modern skyscrapers. Thanks for the historical tour of Boston!

  2. Sam Adams is also a great brewer...or so I hear.

  3. What a gorgeous building! Loved the tour :)