Monday, May 2, 2011

DJDJ - Old Ironsides

Admiral Gray - Fearless and Bold

Another sight to see was the USS Constitution - the oldest active US Naval ship, which was 213 years old (President John Adams was in attendance for the maiden voyage). Nicknamed Old Ironsides, this ship has been in 33 separate engagements, with its most influential appearance occurring in the War of 1812. When active, she could hold 450-500 men. We were able to tour the upper deck of the ship on our own, marveling at her size, her strength, and the awesomeness of the cannons. I included another picture below just so you can see what she looked like. Sidenote: Why are ships referred to as women? Interesting convention.

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  1. As I was reading, I was thinking to myself, "Why do they call ships as if they're women?" and then BAM! you didn't know the answer either.

  2. That's an easy answer! Ships are like women... strong and fast and fearless, able to balance a lot of things without tipping over, can maneuver through stormy waters as well as smooth waters...shall I go on???