Sunday, May 15, 2011

DJDJ - Plymouth Honorable Mentions

As I mentioned before, Plymouth was an awesome town where there was a lot to see. I took quite a few pictures that didn't make the cut the past few days but definitely deserve a look.

Inlet in Harbor is Less than 1/4 Mile Wide, but Has Some Cool Houses...No Electricity (unless you
have a windmill). What an Awesome Vacation House!
Sun Lowering Over the Water
The Mayflower II (1957) - Given As a Gift From Britain for Our WWII Participation
Erected by the Society of Red Men (No Way That Club Exists Anymore)
The Cap'n Himself - My Friend, Nick, is Apparently a Direct Descendant
Those Who Died on the Mayflower or During the First Winter - Unbelievable Losses (Over 100)
We Should All Be Grateful They Persevered


  1. On that last caption, I read it as saying glad they were preserved. Persevered/Preserved. Glad for both. Glad we got a picture of Nick's descendents, but we could really use more pictures of Nick, don't you think ;)

  2. The red man is a stud!