Saturday, May 7, 2011

DJDJ - Salem and Boston Honorable Mentions

Roger Conant - First Salem Settler (1626)

Cool Salem Church

If I Could Photograph Anything Professionally, I Would Travel
And Take Pictures of Old Churches...Definitely My Favorite
The Beginning of the Witch Story
Old Apple Press in the Witch Dungeon - No Idea How to Use it, But Dad Probably Does
(or act like he does)
Danny's New Girlfriend - Probably My Favorite Picture
Old Ship in Salem's Harbor
City Skyline (near Harvard)
The Beginning of the Freedom Trail
Fat Tulips and Fatter Pigeons
Paul Revere's House
Two True Patriots
Quincy Marketplace
Some Old Historic Building
No Questions Asked

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  1. Love that picture of Danny's girlfriend and your ass. I'm a little concerned he was a little small for you though. Looks like your feet would drag :)