Thursday, May 5, 2011

DJDJ - Witch Dungeon Museum

My photo yesterday was taken outside of the Witch Dungeon Museum. We were all wanting to visit a museum of sorts, and this one actually had a short live performance, which we thought would be a little more exciting than just reading plaques inside a traditional museum. The site was located in an old church, where the act took place in the sanctuary. After the act, we went down to the basment to visit a replica of the dungeons that accused witches were placed in (over 150 were accused during the 13-month craze).

Elizabeth Proctor and Mary Warren
The short play involved a court scene where Mary was accusing Elizabeth of being a witch. Much of the play used original court transcript from 1692. A large part of Mary's accusation involved a little yellow bird that attacked her during the hearing. Although Elizabeth was sentenced to hang, her execution was temporarily stayed as she was pregnant. After the birth of her baby, the witch hunt had largely died down, so she was allowed to live. Her husband, John Proctor, was also condemned, but unfortunately he was hanged two weeks after the August trial. During the trials, 19 people were hanged, five died in prison, and one other (below) was pressed to death.

Giles Corey, a Wealthy Farmer - When Asked to Enter a Plea, He Refused and Simply
Replied, "More Weight!"


  1. Oh my first I thought you'd found a photo in the "archives" from Guyer Opera House's rendition of "The Crucible." Interesting stuff....

  2. What a creepy picture that last one is!