Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Miss My Man

To say that I was dreading Kyler leaving for Boston for five weeks before our wedding is an understatement. Beginning in January, I would bring it up every now and then how much I didn't want him to leave. Even though there was nothing either one of us could do about, I still complained and he listened instead of getting annoyed. He's awesome like that.

Then he left.

There have been things I've missed because it's pretty convenient having him around.
C-Pass to park on campus.
Alternating cooking supper every night.
Him driving me everywhere.
His DVR player. (I've only caught two episodes of Jeopardy since he left.)
He took his our camera.

Things I've gotten to do since he's gone.
Cook spaghetti myself, with butter and no meat sauce.
Spend gobbs of time with my awesome roomie.
Listen to country music in the car all the time.
Browse around while shopping.

He's been great to call almost every other night and abides by my rule that he must call after 9 PM so he doesn't make me go over on my minutes despite the fact that he'd probably rather be in bed by then. He keeps us all up-to-date with his blog posts. He's even responding to text messages and facebook messages! Impressive he is, I tell ya. So far he's sent me an awesome Glee soundtrack for study breaks, and today I got a t-shirt from Boston. He's thoughtful like that.

But beginning last week, I really started missing him. On Friday we had friends over for the Royal Wedding, and even though the guys left and didn't stick around for the girls night and the Wedding, we had a TON of fun playing Taboo. Games are just me and Kyler's thing. We love them.

I had to go to church without him for the first time in....YEARS, but my roommate was so sweet and went with me without me even asking her to.

One of my closest girlfriends left, and it was so sad. She's from Chicago-land, and it took me 20 years to get there once, I don't want to think about how long it will be until I get there againto see her. I just felt like all my closest friends are leaving.

I had to study a lot this week. Kyler's always been one to buckle down and hit the books, and it's so much easier for me to do that too when he won't talk to me or distract me. My marketing major roommate is such a distraction. She won't tell me to turn the TV off or shut off that silly country music. She actually brings to my attention that our newfound-love-TV-show is on (The Voice in case you're wondering). I've definitely missed him making me study.

But I just finished my last final about an hour ago, and I have no one to celebrate with. He knows more than anybody how much work school was for me, but he wasn't here when I finished. I know he's proud and so happy for me, but it's just not the same.

Tomorrow I have to pick up my cap and gown, and as excited and happy and THRILLED I will be to have college behind me, it's going to be weird to not be with the person who has been my biggest support and best friend through the whole experience. As Kyler would say, we grew up here together.

I realize this post is starting to get a little depressing, and I sound like I'm just sitting around feeling sorry for myself. I really don't just sit around and sulk because he is not here. Sometimes it just hits me, but it only lasts for a few minutes. I'm really happy for him and am so glad he's getting to experience his job and enjoying the city of Boston. I will just be really, really happy when he gets home.

And who could think of a better homecoming than celebrating by getting married after only 6 days at home! On the postcard Kyler send me he wrote, "We had a fun trip to Salem and Boston--wish you could've been there. But we can always go back a FAMILY.  I love you and can't wait to be with you on our own adventures (starting in Hawaii)"! Okay. Fine. I can stand to be alone for five weeks because I have exactly that to look forward to--going on our own adventures as a family!

However, I would disagree and say I think the adventures begin on Saturday: wedding anyone?


  1. love the post, kara - straight from the heart. i can tell you that the kc grays are looking forward to the wedding! can't wait to see both of you and for you to start your own adventures. only 4 more weeks until the big day!

  2. Oh yeah, the actual wedding....slight oversight on my part. I love you too and can't wait until the big day. See you soon!

  3. Typical Gray man (or any man, for that matter)'s all about the HONEYMOON!!! :) I feel for you...5 weeks away from the one you love is way too long! But you'll never have to be apart like that for so long ever again. And you COULD go home until the wedding...I'm sure your mama and Kelli will keep you company.

    Love you...and so excited you'll soon be an official part of the Gray clan!