Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Honeymoon Day 1

We're back! The last couple of weeks have definitely been a whirlwind! Ever since Kyler's returned from Boston, we've been on the go. We have so many stories and pictures to share with you all, but I want to document the honeymoon before I forget all the details...because there are a TON!

We spent our honeymoon island hopping from Maui to the Big Island, and I think there is only a small stretch of a few miles on each that we didn't cover.

We stayed that the Sheraton Resort on Kaanapali Beach. The view from our room looked out over the resort's pool and then to the beach!

 On Monday, we woke up bright and early and wanting to go snorkeling. After a most delicious breakfast at the resort, we went over to the beach kiosk to get us some snorkeling gear. The guy there told us that it was not going to be a good day for snorkeling, and they probably weren't even going to rent out the gear. Um, bummer. So we decided to go for a ride up the island to check out the scenery.

We rented this Dodge Avenger, which Kyler loved. We drove up the coast, past Honolua Bay, taking in the scenery.

Then we wound through the jungle that led to Honolua Bay, and there we found a ton of snorkelers. Apparently you could only see about 10-20 feet out, which was fine by us. But the poeple who are more frequent snorkelers would've been disappointed because you can usually see out over 100 feet. So off we were to get some snorkel gear from a Dive and Surf Shop. We went to the beginners' Kahekili Beach (aka the Old Airport beach), moved to Kapalua Beach, and finally made it back to Honolua Bay.

Honolua Bay: Our favorite snorkeling spot

The trickiest part to snorkeling for me is actually getting in the water. These rocks were covered in algea, making it super slick especially while wearing flippers. And immediately into the water is coral, very unforgiving rock. My knee is just now healing from the scrapes I got from this coral.

After an afternoon of snorkeling, we headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up for the luau that night.
Waiting in line to enter the luau.

We sat with the male-equivalent of Terry Gray. He LOVED to take photos...of everyone and everything. His love for photography was where the similarities stopped though. He was a bit obnoxious. Apparently he and his wife along with another couple came to Hawaii for diving, and he had some pretty awesome photos to share, but geesh he must've been a fisherman in a previous life because his stories were pretty extravagant!

Luau at the Sheraton
The luau was held on the front lawn of the resort at which we were staying. I thought this was the case with all the people there, but the other couple we sat with had driven miles to attend. P.S. I wish we could've gotten a picture of that couple. Kyler swears the man looked like Jim Behrendt.

Before the dinner was served, there were Hawaiian games we could play.

For this one, you're supposed to throw the spear and land it between two little posts. It was described as a mix between croquet and bowling. I didn't really understand why he used bowling as a similar game until he explained to Kyler the real way to throw it. Apparently you're not supposed to launch it through the air, but you're supposed to throw it underhand, scooting it along the ground.

Leave it to Kyler to do it right on his first try. The Hawaiian guys were pretty impressed, as was his new bride.

On our way back into the dinner area, we couldn't pass up a photo op with this dude.

Kyler trying to impersonate the statue.

Then it was dinnertime, and we got to see first hand where our pork was prepared. Yum! Although the smell up close was a little less than desirable.

Ahh supper.

As we ate dinner, the sun was beginning to set. Every few minutes our photographer at the table would jump up to take another round of pictures. Kyler was able to grab a couple as well, in between bites. We definitely FEASTED that night.

After the sun set, the luau's main festivities began. THE DANCING!

Funny guys dancing.
[See that guy in the foreground, in the red shirt, right in front of the bald guy? He's the photographer from out table. He left his wife sitting with us and sat right there in front, the whole time snapping pictures.]

Pretty ladies dancing.

Our host for the night: Barry. One of my favorite things he said from the night was that he was so grateful he was born in Hawaii because he couldn't afford to vacation there. Oh, it was so funny!

Then Barry recognized all those celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. AND he invited all the new grooms to come up on the stage to do a little dance.

Kyler was great at following the directions. He was really moving those hips!
[See the guy on the far left? He and his new wife were another couple at our table, and they were from Spain!]

Shortly thereafter, all the dancing was wrapped up and out came the grand finale! The flamethrower/juggler/dancer came out and really ended the show with a bang! Here's a little video of the flaming guy with flaming poles.

And that wrapped up Day 1 of our honeymoon. We have SO much more to share with you just as soon as I get around to going through all of these pictures!

P.S. Happy Anniversary to Emily and Zach!


  1. Sounds like a fun, action packed first day! Honolua Bay was by far our favorite snorkling spot too!! Can't wait to hear/read the rest of your stories.

  2. You did ALL THAT on your first day??? Wow! Great photos, by the way, of the sunset and especially the one that shows the flames...very cool. What a great start to your honeymoorn!

  3. Looks like a fabulous time! Can't wait to see the rest.

  4. Sounds fun. And thanks for the shoutout!!