Thursday, June 16, 2011

Honeymoon Day 3

This was our view early Wednesday morning.

We were both so excited to go spend the rest of our honeymoon on the Big Island. I'd say our biggest disappointment of the day was that we had to leave so early that we didn't have a chance to eat at the amazing breakfast buffet at the resort. But alas, more adventures await!

On all of our plane rides, I sat in the window seat...and probably slept 90% of the rides. On this short ride, though, Kyler insisted that he sit by the window so he could take in the view. Fine by me. I was still a little queasy from all the winding roads the day before. So all of these photos are by him.

Above the clouds!

Once we got to Hilo, we had some time to kill before we could check into our cabin. We followed some signs to Rainbow Falls.

What a beauty...both the guy and the waterfall :)

While we were standing at this railing, a little girl tapped me on the shoulder and gave me a little flower. In true Hawaiian tradition, I tucked it behind my left ear. "Left means you're married. Right means you're available. Middle means you're confused." - Barry, our luau host.

After a little looksie, we almost left, but I spotted a trail leading up towards the falls. Following a short little trail, we were at the top of the falls!

Leave it to Kyler to not be satisfied with just seeing where the water tumbled over the edge. He wanted to see the water actually falling over the edge. Be careful!

After he had made his way out there and back, I told him to go out again and take the camera. And then I decided that since I'd seen him make the journey twice with ease that I could join him. We unsuccessfully tried to get a picture of the two of us with the falls in the background (while standing on the edge of a cliff!).

View from the top:

Then it was finally time for us to head to our cabin. On the Big Island, the main attraction is Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We had big plans to spend at least a day in the park so our cabin was just outside its entrance.

Right before the sidewalk, there was a sign that welcomed us saying, "Aloha Kara and Kyle!" Close enough.

When you first walk in, you see kitchen area to the left.

To the right of the entry way was a little sitting area.

As you can see in the background, the bedroom was right off the living room.

And because the tour wouldn't be complete without mention of the lou, here it is in all it's glory. [And, Kyler insists that the toilet seat was up because of the recent cleaning, not because he had been in there first.]

And, at last, the backyard.

I was so excited to be at our new place on the Big Island and couldn't wait to go explore. Kyler on the other hand finally let his extreme case of jet lag take over and took a four hour nap. We had made plans to go out Kileau Lodge for dinner, and by the time I had showered and gotten completely ready, he was in a deeeeeeep sleep. I tried to wake up him four times to no avail. I was almost sure we were going to miss our reservations until he woke up at the lost possible minute that would allow us to keep our reservations. I guess that was payback for practically sleeping through supper the night before.

At dinner, I asked Kyler if we could have some beach time. I really loved all the site seeing that we got to do on Maui, but 1) I needed a chance to relax a little because I didn't get a four hour nap and 2) I didn't think a Hawaii vacation was complete without some time on the beach. So tomorrow, check back for our beach adventures!

P.S. Happy 3rd Birthday Karterman!


  1. Charming little cabin! I must have missed it, but didn't see the "loo" photo...oh well, I guess I'll survive! After Kyler being such a daredevil on your trip, it's a wonder he came back in one piece. Can't wait to hear about your beach adventures!

  2. very neat cabin. that's truly a honeymoon suite!