Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Newport on the Levee

After a great first week of work, Kara and I decided that we should go check out the city together since we hadn't really had time to since moving in. We walked around the city for a while, just checking everything out. The town was pretty busy since there was a Red's game in town, and we followed the crowd. Of course, I was wearing a bright red IU t-shirt so it looked like I fit right in. After we got next to the Ballpark, I told Kara we should cross the river.

Kentucky on Left, Ohio on Right

Cincinnati Cityscape

Newport on the Levee
 Newport on the Levee was essentially a ton of shops, restaurants, a huge movie theater, and a big patio for music and events. We had a pretty good time, and will definitely be headed back there some other time(s) this summer when we need to get out.

Live Music
 Crossing over the river on foot was a lot of fun. There were a few barges, some recreational boats, and some cool steamboats.

Kara and I actually saw a newly-married couple get aboard a similar steamboat and take-off for the reception party during sunset. That was probably a lot of fun.

And of course, we had to top the evening off with an old school snow-cone. My flavors of choice have always been a strange combination: french vanilla + cotton candy. Kara favors the flavors of cotton candy + grape. Between you and me, I think mine is less strange.

What a Cutie!


  1. you have to love cities on the river! very cool. thanks for sharing.

  2. That photo of you, Kyler, is just a little scary.... Looking forward to checking out Cincy with you on Monday!