Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our New Apartment

I guess my whole "I just got married and am starting a new job and I will be extremely busy" excuse isn't going to fly anymore, so I thought I should write a post about our new place. We are living in Harrison, OH, which is right on the Indiana/Ohio state line. The location is absolutely perfect, as it takes both Kara and I right at 30 minutes front door to work desk each morning.

Disclaimer: This is Kara for a second. I was in the midst of cleaning while Kyler was taking these pictures. No we do not keep the Windex on the bathroom counter all the time, and yes those streaky carpets are perfectly swept now. That's all from me.

 Above is our living area, which we really have a lot of room in. "Our" only complaint is that the kitchen table is barely big enough for the both of us, but we can survive at least until we move back to Indiana in August (2 months...we should start planning already).

Here is our kitchen. It was a strange, but awesome, feeling coming home from work the first week and seeing Kara in the kitchen with supper already made for me. Now that we are both working, we have been trading cooking responsibilities back and forth. I hope my chicken fettucini alfredo/steak/spaghetti/frozen pizza mix will keep Kara happy for at least the summer! Her cooking has been awesome!

The bathroom is nice and spacious as well.

The bedroom with the random purposeless decorative pillow.

And last, but not least, is our extra bedroom that we have converted into a storage room. Basically, anything that we brought but didn't unpack + wedding gifts we haven't used yet are in here. We are only unpacking things in there on an as-needed basis, since it doesn't make a whole lot of since to unpack everything when we might not even use it in the next 60 days.

The Harrison/Batesville/Cincinnati experience is going great so far. Hopefully we can post about our first adventures soon.


  1. Nice little place! Looks like you've got lots of room. Sounds like the two of you are settling into married life just fine. Love you both!

  2. What a beautiful and spacious apartment. The 2 bedroom choice is a smart route. Loved the post!

  3. Geeeez Kyler, first you leave the seat up in your Boston apartment. Now youre leaving windex everywhere. Get your act together. Also laughed out loud at the 4 meal rotation which I still remember very well. I bet she'll love it when you start throwing nearly-expired roast beef into the spaghetti Hope you guys are doing well!