Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let there be light.

Along with our last electric bill, Duke Energy sent us an offer for free CFL (we think) lights. We had the option of ordering six or fifteen. So we took a head count and ordered the set of fifteen.

And then one day I came home from work and this box was sitting outside our door. I got busy fixing supper, and when Kyler got home he declared his intentions of switching out all our bulbs.


Ha ha.

We'll let you know if we save a gazillion dollars on our next energy statement. In the meantime, we're enjoying these bulbs because they give off a cleaner light. As in, our old bulbs put off a more yellow, fake lighting. And these bulbs put off more white light. If that made any sense at all, good for you.

Anyone else jumping on board the gravy train? Remember our free 3D movie tickets? Have you tried any energy-saving bulbs? Do you adhere to the wattage recommendation on your lamps?

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